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About Dr. Elwood


Scientific Review Administrator (Designated Federal Official for the Community-Level Health Promotion study section), National Institutes of Health Center for Scientific Review (1/26/2004 to present).

Director of Research and Development, Guidance Clinic of the Middle Keys, Inc., Key West and Marathon, FL (8/1/2003 to 12/31/2003).

Manager, Safeport and associated programs, Guidance Clinic of the Middle Keys, Inc., Key West, FL (12/31/2002 to 7/31/2003).

Program Evaluator and Intervention Coordinator; Guidance Clinic of the Middle Keys, Inc. (within Key West Housing Authority complex), Key West, FL (8/2002 to 12/30/2002).

Registrar; Campus South program, Key West Housing Authority, Key West, FL (1/2001 to 7/31/2002).

Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Miami School of Medicine, Miami and Key West, FL (2/2000 through 12/2000).

Executive Director; Center for Public Health and Evaluation Research, Inc., Key West, FL, and Houston, TX (1996 to 1/2004).

Senior Research Scientist; Behavioral Research Group (division of NOVA Research Company), Houston, TX , (8/1995 through 1/2000).


Purdue University
Ph.D. in Human Communication

University of South Florida
M.A. in Human Communication

University of Florida
B.S. in Public Affairs


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31 Articles, including

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